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Mark mudd, PE, CPM

The most qualified candidate.

Mark Mudd is a retired Civil Engineer who has extensive public service experience in government, private and educational employment, and small business ownership.  Mark has received Gubernatorial appointments from two Kentucky Governors, one Democrat and the other Republican.  He is seeking the office of Butler County Judge/Executive. 


Married to Rebecca Flener Mudd, Retired Butler Co. Teacher

One son, Jacob Mudd-WKU Student, Minister

Ordained Baptist Deacon

Gideon in Butler/Edmonson Camp

Past President of NBES PTA, and BCHS Band Boosters

Past Assistant Band Director BCHS 

Past Site Based Decision Making Council Member-NBES

Past member of WKU Advisory Board for Master's Degree in Public Administration(Government)

University of Ky Graduate-Bachelor's of Science in Civil Engineering

Ky State University Graduate-Bachelors of Science in Applied Mathematics 

Active Registered Professional Engineer(PE) in Ky

Active University of KY Transportation Center Instructor for Road Scholar/Road Master Program

Certified Piano Tuner/Technician

Knowledge of Government

Mark Mudd had a 22-year State Government(Transportation Cabinet) career with Leadership roles in Personnel(as many as 300 government employees), Fiscal Budget Management (Tens of millions of dollars annually), and Engineering Branch Management(supervision of 5 sub-branches).

Past Kentucky Advanced Leadership Academy Graduate

Current Kentucky Certified Public Manager(CPM)

Recognized and awarded by Governors and Cabinet Secretaries.

Nearly 30 years experience working with Mayors, Magistrates, County Judge/Executives and other elected officials in Kentucky.

Mark will work with all political parties to maximize Butler County's growth potential and quality of life.  He's had a great career working with constituents in a non-partisan way.  Past behavior is the best predictor of future performance! 

Vote Mudd for Judge on November 6!


Budget Management

The Judge/Executive is the CEO for the county operations and finances.  Butler County's budget is strained more than ever.  Essential services, ROADS, and other priorities are falling apart!  We must elect a Judge/Executive who has the experience to efficiently manage multi-million dollar government budgets.  Mark has the experience.  He eliminated thousands of dollars in waste, fraud, and abuse of public funds while working for state government; those same principles will be successful when applied to our county government.  Based on previous experience alone, Mark Mudd is the obvious choice for Butler County Judge/Executive!


Government Transparency

Part of the responsibility of the County Judge/Executive is to insure that all decisions concerning the citizens are made with integrity, fairness, and openness.  Mark and Becky have been attending Fiscal Court meetings for years now and have grown weary of not having access to informative documents that are in "the packet."  At the very least, FC Meeting Minutes and other important information related to Butler County Government finances should be posted online in advance of each Fiscal Court Meeting.  Mark also greatly stresses that ALL Fiscal Court Meetings, especially Special-Called ones, should be streamed live or videoed and posted later.  IT'S OUR TAX MONEY THAT'S BEING SPENT AT THESE MEETINGS!


Economic Development/Tourism

We need a definitive PLAN and a dedicated money stream for Economic Development.  Mark promoted and worked for the 2018 passing of the TVA In-Lieu bill which will provide as much as $150,000 per year to Butler County for the purpose of Economic Development.  We must elect a Judge/Executive who knows where to focus the effort and who has a plan to manage and appropriate tax dollars effectively.  We need maximum "Bang for the Buck" on this issue, and Mark will get it!  We must also support all EXISTING small businesses including the farm economy in Butler County.  These businesses are VITAL to our existence and sustainability and will ALWAYS receive TOP priority from a Mark Mudd Administration.  

According to Ky's Department of Tourism, Butler County has experienced growth in EACH of the last 5 years!  This is GREAT news!  There was a 4.7% growth from 2016 to 2017 with a total of $3.858 Million in Direct Tourism Spending in Butler County.  These stats are very promising and Mark will implement strategies to not only sustain, but INCREASE this growth.  https://legiscan.com/KY/bill/HB114/2018

Workforce Development

Many believe that Butler County doesn't have a qualified and work-ready available workforce.   Our entire region is struggling with this problem.  Mark will make it a priority to invest in our workers of all age groups.  The fact is, many of our qualified workers go OUTSIDE of the county to work.  We have a PLAN and will work toward filling EXISTING available jobs AND acquiring sustainable, high-paying jobs that are based right here in Butler County.  Vocational and technical education must be emphasized, as well as community college and university training.   Mark has taught for the University of Kentucky's Transportation Center for many years.  The majority of his students have been State, County and City Road Department workers, as well as Magistrates, who where trying to better themselves through additional training.  He knows the value of EDUCATION and WORK READY preparation! http://thinkkentucky.com/WorkReady/

Infrastructure Impovements

Mark has worked in this area for over 30 years!  He was heavily involved in bringing over $7 Million in STATE money to Butler County for the rehabilitation of the Aberdeen Bridge in 2010.  At the present, County roadways are in need of repair.  Roads have been the focal point of Mark's career and he knows how to fix them.  High-quality county roads and bridges are necessary to enhance the safety and quality of life for Butler County Citizens and to support successful Economic Development.  High Speed Internet accessibility and affordability are also CRITICAL to our expansion!  In addition to these priorities, Mark will investigate EMS Dispatch tower upgrades, natural gas expansion, cable TV/Internet expansion, and cellular network expansion.  http://www.thinkkentucky.com/KYFacts/Infrastructure_Utilities.aspx

Cooperation With Other Officials

Mark has had an extensive career working with elected officials in many capacities.  County Judges, Magistrates, Mayors and City Council members are all people he has helped and continues to assist with their issues.  "In the mid 1990's, I was on the bus with many officials and business leaders when we travelled to and toured the Trans Modal Park in Huntsville, AL.  As we rode beside one another on the trip back to Bowling Green, Warren County Judge/Executive Mike Buchanon and I discussed at length strategies to bring that kind of MEGA development to Warren County.  Today, some 20 years later, the Kentucky Transpark has influenced the Warren County and regional economy with BILLIONS of dollars of input.  We must elect leaders who have a passionate vision toward the future, and are not stuck in the past."

Mark looks forward to working closely with the Mayors and City Councils of Morgantown, Rochester and Woodbury in addition to all of the county's Rural Development Clubs.  There will definitely be a "spirit of cooperation" in a Mark Mudd Administration.


ISSUES (Cont.)

First Responders/War on Drugs

Mark pledges FULL SUPPORT for Butler County Police, EMS and other First Responders while insuring that all county departments are functioning at peak efficiency and effectiveness.  Mark states, "Without proper protection and service from these fine people, we might as well not have a county government."  He believes that all county entities must receive appropriate funding to provide necessary services, without raising taxes.  These include the Butler County Road Department, Butler County Health Department, Butler County Recycling Center, and the Butler County Animal Shelter, all of which will undergo a process review seeking efficiency in management of existing resources. 

Drug abuse in Butler County is rampant and we must give our law enforcement professionals all of the support possible.  Substance Abuse is likely the most contributing factor to our lack of available workforce.  Mark would support and actively seek funding for the expansion of drug treatment programs and drug prevention education along with the possible inclusion of a Butler County Drug Court.


Fiscal Court

The Judge/Executive is one member of the Fiscal Court, but is the ONLY full-time employee on the court.  He/she must possess the ability to be the chief promoter and marketer of the county.  Butler County needs a FULL-TIME Judge/Executive, not one who is vested in other business interests that occupy his/her time.  Mark pledges to work closely with whomever is elected as Magistrate from each of the 5 districts of Butler County.  Butler County Fiscal Court meetings will be conducted orderly, with respect and dignity toward all,  and will be TRANSPARENT!  There will be no "backroom deals" in a Mark Mudd Administration.  Butler County also must have a Judge/Executive who will make the tough decisions without regard to re-election!  Again, Mark Mudd is the right choice and will do the RIGHT thing!



A county Judge/Executive must be able to work with Frankfort officials, especially prior to and during the legislative session.  Mark has spent many years in and around Frankfort working in Government.  In fact, he lived there for three years while earning his degree from Kentucky State University.  Mark pledges to work with our legislators, other state and county officials, and organizations such as the Kentucky Association of Counties, Barren River Area Developmental District, and the KY Department for Local Government on a statewide level to spotlight the high points and needs of Butler County.  Mark has MANY contacts in Frankfort and statewide!  He knows his way around state and local government!  We must have a Judge/Executive who can work with BOTH parties.  We never know when a political change is coming!  One thing is certain, there is a Governor's election right around the corner.  Butler County NEEDS a Judge/Executive who can work with the Governor, no matter the party.


Online Presence

Often, when people are contemplating relocating to another place, or when businesses are looking for startup or expansion opportunities, the online "image" is what delivers the first impression.  Mark will insure that Butler County has a STRONG and POSITIVE online presence by revamping the county's current website and social media accounts.  We have IT professionals available in our county, and Mark knows who and where they are!  Many of them have already expressed their willingness to work on these projects during a Mark Mudd Administration!  In addition, Mark will lead Butler County through a "branding or logo" process much like the City of Morgantown has accomplished.  This will be critical to Butler County's future appeal beyond our county AND state boundaries!   Mark will also utilize social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep Butler County Citizens informed and up to date with current events.  In fact, the Mark Mudd Campaign was the FIRST campaign in Butler County history to do a kickoff announcement on the courthouse lawn and broadcast it Live on Facebook!

Open Door Policy

Mark will maintain a public presence and offer broad accessibility.  The door to the Judge's office will remain open; in fact, it may even be removed.  There will be no secret deals and no hidden networks in a Mark Mudd Administration!  He will push inclusion and transparency all the way.  Mark plans to make some procedural changes to Fiscal Court meetings and occasionally hold them at appropriate locations in each district to allow better accessibility for Butler County Citizens.  He also wishes to include the youth of our county in the meetings as often as possible.  This will help to instill civic responsibility in our young citizens at a very important time in their lives.  Mark plans to meet routinely with all county employee units and supervisors.  In addition, he will require comprehensive progress reports from all county units at each Fiscal Court meeting.    


Roger Flener(Mark's father-in-law and lifelong Butler County resident) and former 5-term Butler County Judge/Executive David Martin were proud to endorse Mark at the announcement of his candidacy.   Hugh Evans, who served for 6 years as Judge/Executive, has also endorsed Mark's campaign.  Many more endorsements and offers of support from all Political sides are coming in quickly.

Mark Mudd is the Democrat Nominee; however, his administration will be non-partisan.   Mark states, "Experience has taught me that Politics can be a significant roadblock in getting things accomplished at the county level.  What really matters is getting the job done.  We are in this together because at the end of the day, we all want what is best for Butler County!"

Long-term goals

I-65 Spur/Roadway Improvements

We currently have three interchanges from the future I-65 Spur in Butler County.  Mark will consult with the Transportation Cabinet for a fourth one to be built on the south side of the county.  I-65 Spur access in this area would open up all kinds of development opportunities with Warren County.   This would catapult an economic BOOM for Butler County in the future.  

In addition, Mark will work closely with the Transportation Cabinet for major improvements to sections of Ky 70, Ky 79, and US 231.

Major Subdivision Development

We are in need of quality affordable housing for people to locate in Butler County. We have one of the lowest cost-of-living factors in this part of the country, our schools are excellent, and we have easy accessibility and mobility via roadways.  High Speed Internet and improved cellular service are critical to spur these subdivision/private residence developments!  If Mark's vision is implemented completely, this would happen SOONER rather than LATER!

National Guard Armory/Readiness Center

This is a photo of the new Ky National Guard Readiness Center in Owensboro, KY.  Mark would petition state legislators and the Ky Department of Military Affairs for Butler County to be considered for this type of future construction.  This is a long-term project, but click the link to see the kind of dollars the Ky Department of Military Affairs spends all across the state!  Butler County is perfectly located and has incredible accessibility for the future construction of this type of facility.  We must elect leaders who have a VISION and are willing to think "outside the box."


Modern YMCA/Wellness Center

Scottsville and Hartford are blessed have these type facilities.  Mark and Becky have been members for many years at Family Wellness Center in Hartford.  This kind of investment would be wonderful for our Butler County youth as well as citizens of all ages.  Kentucky ranks near the TOP in terms of health problems and obesity, and grant opportunities could be available to help support this kind of facility construction.  Mark will investigate all avenues of funding, including PUBLIC/PRIVATE partnerships!

Hospital/24 Hour Health Care Facility

We are blessed to have a limited number of medical professionals here in Butler County, and our EMS Personnel are some of the best around.  Mark pledges full support for all existing health care professionals in the county.  However, if small towns like Scottsville, Hardinsburg, and Horse Cave(Caverna) can have this type of facility, Mark believes that Butler County can too.  It may take a while to achieve this, but it's certainly possible!  There is no doubt that some kind of Hospital or other 24-Hour Emergency Health Care Facility would spur economic growth and enhance the quality of life in Butler County! 

Personal Message

Greetings to all of you and my sincerest thanks for visiting our campaign website. We will be updating OFTEN during the campaign.  I just turned 50 years old in June, and have enjoyed a wonderful life!  I've been blessed with an incredible wife, son, and extended family, a wonderful church, good health, and a prosperous career.  I came from a poor, but loving, God-fearing family that taught me I could succeed in life through trusting in the Lord, seeking honest hard work and putting forth determination!  I want the voters to know that I have no desire to "grow old" or prosper personally while in office.  Some seek public office for their own advancement, whether it be for the popularity, salary, health insurance, or retirement.  I have already been blessed in life and am not motivated by any of these things.  Becky and I want to use this time in our lives to make a difference by giving back to family, friends, neighbors and fellow citizens and seeing our beloved Butler County flourish.  

After a 30-year career in public service, I have the experience and energy to provide the Leadership Butler County needs to move ahead.  In many ways, it appears that my education, career experience, and life experience have all brought me to this point.  I'm ready to tackle the challenge of Judge/Executive on Day 1, and my record proves it.  I will say upfront that this term will not be an easy road.  Budget constraints are looming and we will be forced to make not only smart, but tough decisions.  This being said, Butler County is and will continue to be a great place to live, work and raise a family!  It offers benefits well beyond the "hustle and bustle" life of larger and more populated places.  I chose to move to Butler County over 25 years ago when Becky and I were married.  My mother and her family(Woodcocks and Coates) were all raised here. Becky's family(Fleners, Johnsons, Hunts, and Burdens) were all raised here too, as was our son, Jacob. We ALL have a vested interest in Butler County and let me assure you that WE CAN BE SUCCESSFUL AND STILL MAINTAIN OUR CULTURE!  Butler County can flourish with quality and passionate leadership!   I am the best candidate to accept the challenge.  I humbly ask for your vote in this extremely important local election!!

Elect Mark Mudd for Butler County Judge/Executive on November 6, 2018.

Mark Mudd for Judge/Executive Mission Statement

To honorably, effectively, efficiently, and equitably provide Leadership with integrity to improve the quality of life for the people of Butler County, Kentucky.

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